Sunday, August 12, 2012

Watchguy2268: Great Snicker's Bar Martini Recipe

Watchguy2268: Great Snicker's Bar Martini Recipe: Martini's have come a long way since they were first introduced. They are no longer straight vodka or gin with an olive or a twist. As...

Great Snicker's Bar Martini Recipe

Martini's have come a long way since they were first introduced. They are no longer straight vodka or gin with an olive or a twist. As a bartender I am always trying new recipes and I think this new Snicker's Martini is a home run.To create the best tasting Snicker's martini you will need the following liquors. One bottle of Stoli vanilla vodka, one bottle of Godiva white chocolate liquor, one bottle of Godiva dark chocolate liquor, and one bottle of Frangelico liquor. One will need a martini shaker and a 10 oz. martini glass. Start by filling the martini shaker to the top with ice. Pour 1.75 ounces of Stoli vanilla into the tin, add 1 ounce of Godiva white and dark to the mix. Finally add .75 ounces of Frangelico and a splash of half and half. Shake vigorously for thirty seconds. Pour into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a Snicker's mini chocolate bar. You will be amazed by how much this tastes like a Snicker's bar and you will be the talk of the party when you share this recipe with your friends. You now have the secret recipe that no one else has and you can dazzle them with your bar tending prowess. Price Hunters watches has the watches to match your new bartending skills

Monday, July 30, 2012

When it comes to ordering wine, know your flavor profile

     As a bartender for over 15 years I have had the opportunity to work in some very nice restaurants and taste the best wines in the world. My most common problem, when it comes to suggesting a glass for a guest, is that the guest can't verbalize what they like. Most people who enjoy wine really don't know what varietals fit their flavor profile. While some like a light Pinot Noir others enjoy a bold Red Zinfandel. I have a baseline of questions that I will ask so that I can steer the guest to the best options. Drinking wine is something that should be enjoyed and savored. Every person tastes different notes in wines which makes it enjoyable to see someone's face when you turn them on to a new varietal that they have never thought of trying. Obviously the  most popular wines out there are Cabernet's, Merlot's, Pinot Noir's, Chardonnay's, Sauvignon Blanc's, and Pinot Grigio's. This little guide will help you decide which wines fit your flavor profile so that when you are ready to order you will get the glass that you want.
     We will start with red wines and go from heavy to light. Obviously there are thousands of wines to choose from so we will stick to the most popular. When we say heavy we mean low sugar content and deep, dark fruits. We will start with Red Zinfandel which is a bold wine that usually has low sugar content thus giving it a dry finish. This means that the wine lingers in the mouth and the acidity feels like it is sucking the moisture off the tongue. This wine is not for everyone because of the bite, but if you like to taste the grape in it's natural state this wine's for you. Next is Cabernet Sauvignon which is one the most popular wines in the world. Cab's have made there way all over the world and are a thick skin grape that can survive in many different climates. Most Cab's have a little higher sugar content than Red Zin's so there can be a little more sweetness. The wonderful thing about Cab's is the variety out there. Cabs can be dry or sweet depending on the maker. I always suggest trying Cabernet's from different regions to expand your horizons and let the drinker see the subtle changes that a grape can have. One thing the drinker will notice from the first smell is the oak which Cab's are aged in. The oak barrels that Cabernet is aged in will give you hints of vanilla and spice which goes with the natural black currant and tobacco taste of the grape. Next we have Merlot's which have a little bit lighter body than Cabernet's. Merlot's like Cabernet's are often blended with other varietals to make meritage wines. Merlot's can best be described as fruity with berry, plums, and currants. The acidity is lower than Cabs so the wine is not as dry. If you like lighter wines and wants to taste more fruity wines than try Merlot's from cool climates. While Merlot's from warmer climates tend to have hints of chocolate and tobacco. Finally we have Pinot Noir's which are very light and fruity and low in acidity. I always suggest that novice wine drinkers start with a Pinot Noir then work their way up the tannin scale. Pinot Noir's are a very delicate grape and can produce some of the best wines in the world. The flavor tends to be more from strawberry, raspberry, or even cherry. No matter which red you decide is for you there are thousands of each varietal to choose from.
     Then there are the white wines. I have chosen three to describe and which I think are the most popular right now. First we have Chardonnay's which are the most popular white wine. Chardonnay's are used to make Champagne and sparkling wines. Chardonnay grapes are lean and crisp with a high acidity. American Chardonnay's are most notably aged in oak barrels which cuts down on the acidity and enhances the flavor. Depending on the climate and the region you can get notes of honey or even tropical fruit. Chardonnay's are often described as buttery and are highly influenced by the wine maker. Next there are Sauvignon Blancs which is also known as Fume Blanc. Sauvignon Blancs generally do not get aged in oak like Chardonnay's and have a citrus flavor and smell. It is a light refreshing wine that can go nicely with certain fish and poultry. Sauvignon Blancs are a great wine that is perfect for someone looking to taste their first glass of wine. Lastly we have Pinot Grigio's which are also called Pinot Gris here in the U.S. Pinot Grigio's are most popular from Italy and can be sweet or dry. It is a very light wine that has a different flavor depending on the region. Pinot Gris in the U.S. can range in taste from hints of apple, melon or even pears. Pinot Gris is a great wine that can be very refreshing and not too complicated. Whether you try the American Pinot Gris or the Italian Pinot Grigio the subtle differences in regions will keep you coming back for more.
     No matter which wine you choose from above you now know a little bit about each so yo can tell your server what you like and maybe you can discover a new wine. Learn more about wine and expand your knowledge at

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Watchguy2268: What does your watch say about you?

Watchguy2268: What does your watch say about you?: I have been in sales for 14 years and I can tell you that I can read a person just by what they are wearing. I know that sounds like bull...

What does your watch say about you?

I have been in sales for 14 years and I can tell you that I can read a person just by what they are wearing. I know that sounds like bull but I can give you examples of what I have learned over the years looking at the way a person dresses. The number one thing I look at is the watch a person chooses to wear. There is nothing worse than a person dressed in a 100 dollar suit wearing a knock off Rolex that is suppose to be worth 10 thousand dollars. Your jewelry is a dead give away to anyone who knows what to look for. When we first meet people we take in the whole package then we look at accessories such as rings, watches, and any other form of jewelry. When I see someone dressed conservatively with a watch that is classy and not too gaudy I think they are sensible and don't like to waste money. When I see someone dressed conservatively with a fake watch with fake diamonds floating in the watch I think they are pretenders. You can look like a million dollars without wearing that awful watch with the huge face and all those fake diamonds in it. There are hundreds of styles that don't cost an arm and a leg and are quality watches that make you look like a true professional. If you are wearing a nice suit and you are sporting a huge faced gaudy watch with way too many sparkles on it then I immediately think of rappers. I am never going to buy anything from a guy who idolizes rappers. That fake watch lost you a potential sale because I can't trust anything you say to me. If you are willing to pretend to impress people then I don't want your product. I know this may sound harsh but it is the real world. I have done business with multiple millionaires and I have never seen one wearing anything resembling the crap you are wearing. So, what should you wear to look the part? Instead of spending 500 dollars on a fake Rolex, use that money to buy 2 quality watches from Bulova, Citizen, or Seiko. There are brands like Invicta, Skagen, and Sartego that are a couple hundred dollars and look much more expensive. Be sensible and get a watch that will show that you are a responsible adult who doesn't waste money on watches and your clients will be more impressed. If you make it big someday and want to waste thousands on a watch than get one that will increase in value. Rolex uses a lot of gold in their watches and will only increase in value. Also, people collect Rolex watches and the re-sale value is very high compared to your watch filled with low quality diamonds. Find your quality watch here and save money.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Watchguy2268: Storm Light LED light bulb/emergency flashlight

Watchguy2268: Storm Light LED light bulb/emergency flashlight: It's a light bulb It's a flashlight This is the new Storm Light LED light bulb/flashlight that is so revolutionary I had to sha...

Storm Light LED light bulb/emergency flashlight

It's a light bulb
It's a flashlight
This is the new Storm Light LED light bulb/flashlight that is so revolutionary I had to share it with the world. I usually don't write about products like this but I am blown away by this invention. This light bulb has a telescoping arm which comes out to be used as a flashlight. Simply unscrew the light from any household light fixture and you have an emergency flashlight that has a 6 hour charge. The LED light uses only 2 watts of power which is the same amount of power of a 40 watt light bulb. The crazy thing is you get 200 lumens of light. Also this light bulb lasts for 40,000 hours while most bulbs burn out at 1,000 hours of life. The Storm Light has a AC/DC switch on the side which allows the user to easily switch to flashlight with one click. If you live anywhere that is susceptible to power outages this is a must have. Hurricane season is here and this light bulb can save you the time and effort of buying expensive batteries and flashlights. This dual purpose light is new on the market and they will go fast. Don't be caught in the dark looking for that old clunky flashlight that may or may not work. Never wonder if you have enough light to make it through the storm. This bulb can work in any standard light fixture including ceiling fans and bedside lamps. The bulb stays cool to the touch so you never have to worry about burning your hand when you remove it from the socket.  I am getting one for every room in my house and the porch light. Can you imagine coming home to no power? You can take the Storm Light out of the porch lighting fixture and use it as a flashlight. This light bulb/flashlight is amazing and the only place you can get them right now is on Ebay. The price is right at $34.95 for something this great. I have a feeling that as soon as demand goes up or a big storm approaches the price will increase. So get yours today and be prepared when everyone else is flooding the stores looking for flashlights and emergency supplies. Get the new Storm Light LED bulb/flashlight here.Click here to get it at Sears today, supplies are limited